Outrigger replacement

Many TVRs are now getting on a bit and the elements can be taking their toll on their tubular steel chassis. Of particular concern are the outriggers - the parts of the chassis that extend from the central backbone section to support the seats, seatbelt anchors, battery etc. The outriggers are more exposed and can rot badly. It's not always obvious how bad this rot can be as they tend to corrode from the top as water gets trapped between the fibreglass body shell and the outrigger rails.

PPC is now offering a full, competitively priced outrigger replacement service for most TVR models.

As TVRs are all unique hand-built cars, our outriggers are the same. Unlike some other companies, we don't use standard off-the-shelf outriggers, but custom build ours for each car. This gives a significantly better fit and reduces the time needed for the work. Also, we are able to fit these outriggers without the need to lift the car's body shell from the chassis. This provides a considerable saving over the body-off method.

We offer two type of outrigger:

'Short' Outriggers - these have shortened arm, which are welded to the existing arms connected to the central backbone of the chassis.

'Long' Outriggers - these have full length arms and are welded directly into the central backbone of the chassis for greater strength.

Both versions are:

  • Fully painted
  • Undersealed in black sealant
  • Clear waxoyled

We also offer the following options:

  • Internal wayoyling for extra protection
Model 'Short' Outriggers - fitted price 'Long' Outriggers fitted price Internal wayoyling
Chimaera From £1550 + VAT From £TBC + VAT From £50 + VAT
Griffith From £1550 + VAT From £TBC + VAT From £50 + VAT
Other models Outriggers for other TVR models are in development. Please contact us for further information.